Facebook Marketing Secrets Revealed

   Facebook Marketing surpasses all other Social Media Marketing as being on the must do list for Internet Marketers. Why? Because... Whether you are selling a product or service or promoting a network marketing or affiliate program, Facebook has the largest audience of active users and buyers. Not only that, Facebook Marketing offers many unique opportunities to target your audience down to the last details, age groups, gender, nation, interests and that last one is a doozy. It allows you to be so specific in terms of what and who you like. Did you ever wonder why you are getting the particular little ads on the side of your screen. If you click on one them, rest assured you will get a lot more of the same type. So, let's examine some Facebook Marketing Opportunities. Facebook Marketing Ads Facebook has made it simpler then ever to place one of those little ads for your project. To create an ad on Facebook, go to your Facebook profile page. Click on Home with will be next to your

Choose Top Rated Antivirus Protection to Stay Safe on the Web

   A top rated antivirus program can eliminate security threats before they infect an damage your computer. But what does top rated really mean? And how can a top rating really help you to choose the best security software to protect your system. These 4 easy guidelines will help you decide. 1. Look For Testing and Product Ratings - Top rated antivirus software has usually been tested and evaluated by independent testing facilities whose judgment you can trust, This most often includes technical and industry magazines, as well as some software and technology forums that encourage members to rate a particular product. While these forums are not officially recognized as an impartial testing facility, this kind of "consensus testing" collects opinions and feedback from a large group of advanced users, and generally provides an accurate evaluation of the effectiveness and the shortcomings of a software title. 2. Look For Company Ratings - A strong company with rising sales and ne